Baptism at Lake Cooley

Baptism is the ultimate act of going public with your faith in Christ. Not only was Jesus baptized, but He also commanded His followers to be baptized by the Church.

Why Get Baptized?

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. It symbolizes the death of our “old self” and the start of our new life in Christ. We do not believe that baptism saves anyone, but it is commanded in scripture (Matthew 28:19-20).

When Should I Be Baptized?

Baptism is intended to take place after someone gets saved. Baptism does not finish someone's salvation, but rather it is the act of letting the church and the world know that you have been saved.

What Does Baptism Look Like At Church at The Mill?

We know Christians practice baptism in different ways, but we believe the most biblically faithful model is to be immersed in water after you have personally repented and trusted in Christ for salvation.

Do You Baptize Children?

Throughout this process, we want to make sure our kids fully grasp the decision to follow Jesus Christ. Please email for more information.


Interested In Baptism?

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